Another News Story, Fareed + Q&A - Migration Film Festival

Another News Story, Fareed + Q&A - Migration Film Festival

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Another News Story

During the so-called “refugee crisis” two groups of people were on the move: the refugees and the journalists filming them. This documentary follows the second group.

It boldly confronts the viewer with questions: when faced with suffering, how do journalists balance their humanity with professional objectivity and the day to day mundanity of their jobs? Is it possible to walk the line between a good story and sensationalism? Or, glazed, do you just go after another news story?

Director: Orban Wallace; Length: 1h 26min

Fareed (short)

Fareed is a Berber dressmaker passionate about poetry and calligraphy. While the news is dominated by violence done in the name of Islam, he battles against the fear and ignorance encouraged by simplistic representations of migrants.

Director: Rudy Barchiello; Length: 11min

The films will be followed by a panel discussion with Rudy Barichello (director of Fareed).