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La Haine

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  • Sat 5 Dec
    14:40 Studio 5 Luxury Cinema Experience
  • Sun 6 Dec
    20:20 Studio 5 Luxury Cinema Experience
  • Wed 9 Dec
    15:35 Studio 5 Luxury Cinema Experience
  • Thu 10 Dec
    14:30 Studio 5 Luxury Cinema Experience

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  • Sat 5 Dec to Thu 10 Dec
  • 96 minutes
  • Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
  • Cast: Vincent Cassel, Hubert Kounde, Said Taghmaoui, Francois Levantal, Edouard Montoute, Karim Belkhadra
  • (1995)


Mathieu Kassovitz's scalding take on France’s social divide celebrates its 25th anniversary and still carries a knockout punch.


Beautifully shot in black and white by Pierre Aïm, with an inspirational soundtrack, this mid-1990s landmark remains as fresh and relevant as ever and has never looked better.

When a young Arab is arrested and beaten unconscious by police, a riot erupts in the notoriously violent suburbs outside of Paris. Three of the victim's peers, Vinz (Vincent Cassel), Said (Said Taghmaoui) and Hubert (Hubert Koundé), wander aimlessly about their home turf in the aftermath of the violence as they try to come to grips with their outrage over the brutal incident. After one of the men finds a police officer's discarded weapon, their night seems poised to take a bleak turn.