Edgar Wright Curates Genesis Scalarama Weekender18

Edgar Wright Curates Genesis Scalarama Weekender

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


This is your £24 day-pass for all of Saturday – 4 of Edgar’s picks – plus more surprises at Bar Paragon. That's as little as £6 per film! Individual screenings are £10 / £7.50 concs.

Here's what's on offer at Genesis (and what Edgar says about each flick):

Top Secret! - 13.45pm

“A gloriously silly joke marathon from the makers of ‘Airplane!’. This film flopped in 1984 and the team of Zucker Abraham Zucker attribute this to it not having a clear genre that it’s parodying. (WWII movies and Elvis movies?). But fret not, because this is a tickertape parade of zingers, from complete groaners to background details to hugely expensive physical gags. A festival of silly. Viva Nick Rivers!”

Phantom Of The Paradise - 16.00pm

“I will go to the grave with the firm opinion that of the two horror musicals distributed by Fox in the mid 70’s, this is the better movie, twice as good as ‘Rocky Horror’. Brian De Palma goes all out on his neo gothic Faustian music biz satire. Brilliantly played by Bill Finley, Jessica Harper, Gerritt Graham and the marvelously evil Paul Williams (who wrote the whole score), this is cinematic gold right down to the best end credits song ever.”

After Hours in a 35mm Presentation - 18.30pm

“Someone once wrote that ‘Edgar Wright must have learned everything he knows from the direction in ‘After Hours’.’ That’s not totally true, but it isn’t too far off. This film is one that beguiled me as a teen and continues to dazzle. It’s amazing to see Scorcese at the peak of his powers direct the hell out of a small all-in-one-night comedy. Fun fact: 2nd camera assistant, David Dunlap went on to be my Director Of Photography on ‘Shaun Of The Dead’.”

The Sentinel in a 35mm Presentation - 9pm

“Make no mistake: this is not a great movie. It’s frequently campy, nearly always in poor taste, laugh out loud weird in several scenes and YET… it has some memorably creepy moments that stick with you. I can’t write the film off as it has images that resonate and gets into a groove that produces some genuine creeps. A bonkers cast and a premise so good, they ripped it off wholesale in ‘Ghostbusters’. Please enjoy and remember: ‘Black and White Cat, Black and White Cake!'”

You can also get £50 weekend passes, or £10 / £7.50 [students / concessions] tickets for each film.

Please note that all the above screenings will take place in Screen 3 rather than the Bar.