Queerbee - Faith + Q&A15

Queerbee - Faith + Q&A

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


QueerBee is a brand new platform for LGBTQI shorts, established to help queer filmmakers bring authentic queer stories directly to new audiences. Queer shorts provide an excellent means of connecting with one another, validating our lived experiences, helping to change attitudes, improve confidence in individuals and our communities, and break down barriers.

QueerBee continues with a programme exploring ‘faith’. Throughout our lives we discover there are special religious paradoxes reserved for LGBTIQ people with effects as varied as the individuals who carry their faith and those who encounter them.

Jac Nunns and Angie West have curated the following programme for the night:


Director: Director: Kate Johnston / Canada 2013 / 15 mins

Out Of Love + Q&A w/ director Linda Mason

Director: Linda Mason / UK 2014 / 10 minutes

Lucky Fares

Director: Marco Fettolini / Spain 2014 / 13 minutes

Like Father Like Son

Director: Jonathan Rivera / USA 2017 / 3½ minutes

Mark Bunyan: Very Nearly Almost Famous

Director: Jac Nunns & Angie West / UK 2012 / 15 minutes

He Could’ve Gone Pro

Director: McGhee Monteith / USA 2016 / 10 minutes

Get The Life

Director: Ozzy Villazòn / USA 2016 / 12 minutes

Medulla Oblongata

Director: Roberto Nascimento / New Zealand 2017 / 7½ minutes

More than God

Director: Kev Cahill / Ireland 2015 / 9 minutes