Generation Wealth Preview + Q&A - Dogwoof Docs18

Generation Wealth Preview + Q&A - Dogwoof Docs

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Thu 19 Jul
  • 136 minutes
  • Director: Lauren Greenfield
  • Cast: Lauren Greenfield, Bret Easton Ellis, Sheldon Greenfield, Patricia Greenfield, G-Mo, Florian Homm, Chris Hedges, Limo Bob
  • USA (2018)


Dogwoof Docs &#WomenInFilm2018 present a Preview screening of the provocative GENERATION WEALTH.

The screening is followed by an exclusive recorded Q&A with director Lauren Greenfield hosted by journalist Kate Muir.

Lauren Greenfield’s postcard from the edge of the American Empire captures a portrait of a materialistic, image-obsessed culture. Simultaneously personal journey and historical essay, the film bears witness to the global boom–bust economy, the corrupted American Dream, and the human costs of late stage capitalism, narcissism, and greed.

#WomenInFilm2018 is presented in association with Birds Eye View, Hackney Wicked Women, WFTV, F-Rated, Bechdel Test Fest, Cinesisters, and #genesisters. As part of this year-long season we'll be screening films that have: a female director/co-director, a female writer/co-writer, or a strong/iconic female lead.