LESBIAN IDENTITIES: Becoming/Situating Ourselves

LESBIAN IDENTITIES: Becoming/Situating Ourselves

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Fri 17 Aug
  • 180 minutes
  • Director: Cecilia Montagut / Lisa Plourde
  • Spain / USA (2018 / 2016)


Genesis and London Feminist Film Festival are proud to present LESBIAN IDENTITIES: Becoming/Situating Ourselves.

The films in this session show lesbianism as something plural, complicated, and deeply political. Gender Troubles: The Butches portrays butchness, often underrepresented even within LGBT spaces. Dyke Jails explores the relationships, attractions, and camaraderie among incarcerated women.


Cecilia Montagut, Spain, 2018.

Andrea took a drug mule trip from Argentina. She was taken directly from Barcelona airport to prison. Katia was imprisoned for two years at Martutene correctional facility in the Basque Country. Marta Dillon, journalist and feminist, visited over several years the female prisoners at the Ezeiza prison in Buenos Aires and captured their experiences in the book "Corazones Cautivos". These stories, along with those of other ex-prisoners and researchers, are part of the documentary "Cárceles Bolleras" (Dyke Jails), that pictures the reality of women behind bars and how gender inequality affects their lives there. Under these circumstances, lesbian desire becomes a form of resistance to the penitentiary institution. Through these interviews, we depict the prison universe we are unallowed to access.


Lisa Plourde, USA, 2016.

Contrary to the stereotype, butch lesbians aren’t trying to be feminine and failing. They are not going through a rebellious stage or imitating men. Rather, they are women who while being true to their own selves, may look and or act in ways that society has decided is appropriate only for men. And some people have a problem with that.

The women portrayed in this film examine and challenge society’s assumptions about what it means to be female. Their struggles reveal how everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, is pressured to conform and measure up to restrictive gender standards. But they also show the rewards that come when we learn to accept ourselves as we are. This is a film to celebrate butch women.