Lost & Found + Q&A with Liam O Mochain - London Gala12A

Lost & Found + Q&A with Liam O Mochain - London Gala

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  • Tue 23 Oct
  • 95 minutes
  • Director: Liam O Mochain
  • Cast: Liam O Mochain, Norma Sheahan, Brendan Conroy, Aoibhin Garrihy, Liam Carney, Lynette Callaghan
  • Ireland (2017)


Genesis presents the London Gala screening of Liam O Mochain's life inspired comedy straight from our neighbouring Ireland, Lost & Found.

'LOST & FOUND is a film with 7 inter connected stories set in and around a lost and found office of a train station'

DANIEL tries desperately to hold onto his newly acquired job in the lost & found office. EDDIE spends most days in the train station begging, every day he has a different story, which one is his? GABRIEL plans to surprise his girlfriend by proposing up in the air, but airport security have other plans for him. A GRANDMOTHER asks her grandson to retrieve a mysterious bracelet that she buried as a child in the garden of her childhood home in Poland. MOYA visits a funeral home and signs the book of condolences not realising the consequences of signing it. PAUDGE, a cranky pub owner keeps redecorating his bar hoping to attract customers, but no matter how many grand openings he has the locals stay away. SILE has set a date for her wedding, not having a groom, won’t stop her.