Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me + Book Signing by Lindsay Hallam15

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me + Book Signing by Lindsay Hallam

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  • Sun 24 Feb
  • 135 minutes
  • Director: David Lynch
  • USA (1992)


A little quiet town tucked in a valley.

Population: 51, 201. A mysterious death and an inquiry like a charade. A diary kept secret, a pact, a malevolent other-self and a ring. Dreams, hallucinations, forebodings. Short-lived love stories, a singer distilling souvenirs of a by-gone time. A red room, white  lines, and a bobby-soxer who finishes burning her life away? This is the world of TWIN PEAKS : FIRE WALK WITH ME.

Join us on February 24th - the day Dale Cooper arrived to Twin Peaks - for a very special screening of TWIN PEAKS : FIRE WALK WITH ME. We'll be joined by Lindsay Hallam who will introduce the screening and will sign copies of her book Devil's Advocates - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me available in advance and on the night at 25% off the usual price.

''When David Lynch's film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, a prequel to the television series Twin Peaks, premiered at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival it was met with outright hostility. Subsequent reviews from critics were almost unanimously negative, and many fans of the show felt betrayed, as their beloved town was suddenly revealed as a personal hell. Yet in the years since the film's release, there has begun to be a gradual wave of reappraisal and appreciation, one that accelerated with the broadcast of Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017. What has been central to this reevaluation is the realization that what Lynch had created was not a parody of soap opera and detective television but a horror movie.

In this Devil's Advocate, Lindsay Hallam argues that the horror genre aids Lynch's purpose in presenting the protagonist Laura Palmer's subjective experience leading to her death as the incorporation of horror tropes actually leads to a more accurate representation of a victim's suffering and confusion. She goes on to explore how the film was an attempt by Lynch to take back ownership of the material and to examine the initial reaction and subsequent reevaluation of the film, as well as the paratexts that link to it and the influence that Fire Walk with Me now has on contemporary film and across popular culture.''

Lindsay Hallam is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London. She is the author of Screening the Marquis de Sade: Pleasure, Pain and the Transgressive Body in Film (2012) and director of the documentary Fridey at the Hydey (2013), as well as a contributor to a number of collections on film and film journals.

There is the option to buy a ticket for the screening and the book at a discounted price, however, please note that if you only buy a ticket to watch the film, the book will be available at Genesis on the day of the screening should you change your mind.

Your copy of Devil's Advocates - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me will be given to you at the Box Office along with your cinema ticket prior to the screening.