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LIFF: My Home India

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  • Fri 28 Jun
  • 45 minutes
  • Director: Anjali Bhushan
  • Cast: Kira Banasinska, Wanda Novicka-Kashikar, Wanda Kuras, Jocelyn
  • India/Poland (2019 )


International Premiere.

This inspirational documentary will have you in tears

and every Indian glowing with pride. The film essentially uncovers one little-known story of unimaginable humanity, generosity and kindness. Towards the end of WW2 the Polish ambassadorial team in Bombay, led by determined heroine Kira Banasinska and supported by a local Maharaja, dispatched a convoy of food relief thousands of miles to Soviet Siberian labour camps where Polish women and children were starving. To the British Raj’s surprise they returned with 5,500 women and children who found refuge and welcome in India. Over 70 years later a number of now elderly Polish people return to a town South of Mumbai where they were able to find safety and discover the joys of childhood.

English, Polish with English subtitles.