Fragments Festival: Vision Portraits

Fragments Festival: Vision Portraits

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  • Sat 8 Jun
  • 80 minutes
  • Director: Rodney Evans
  • USA (2019)


Exploring art through the perspective of four visually impaired artists and their disciplines of photography, dance, writing and film, Vision Portraits examines the worth placed on sight in an art scene which revolves so entirely around the seeing audience. Visually striking and emotionally enrapturing, queer filmmaker Rodney Evans delicately balances archive footage, interview and experimental imagery to draw the viewer into a world where the clear-cut binaries of visibility and blindness, outward and inward, are continually being deconstructed.

Feature running time: 78 mins

Fragments Festival is a celebration of inclusivity through film. Bringing together incredible cinema from around the world and shining a light on underrepresented stories and filmmakers, Fragments turns Genesis Cinema into a hub of international film, discussions, live music and special events between 7th - 15th June.