The Box Set Film Festival18

The Box Set Film Festival

Opens Thu May 30 2019

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The UK’s first film festival dedicated to Boxing - The Sweet Science

The line-up is fantastic with classic films being screened including Jawbone, Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, Fat City, Fighters, The Fighter, Cinderella Man, Creed, Cradle of Champions and The Boxer along with documentaries and footage from classic fights.

Film screenings are followed by Q&A’s featuring the stars of Screen and Ring with Ray Winstone, Johnny Harris, Michael Smiley, Steve Bunce, Adam Smith, Glenn McRory, Danny Leigh, Paul Zanon, Ronald McIntosh, Bartle Bull, Roseanna Cox, Lesley Sackey, Barry Jones, Meredith Ostrom, Ron Peck, Mark Kaylor and Dean Hollington all confirmed to take part with many more to be announced.

Box Set, the UK's first Boxing Film Festival is taking place this November 2nd and 3rd at Genesis Cinema in East London

"Boxing's biggest on screen melting pot of films. A true fistic medley of greats going head to head. Don't miss it. Box Set - A Boxing Film Festival” Paul Zanon

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Box Set - Testimonials

"I was a national boxing champion as a teenager and wrote Jawbone in loving memory of my old trainer, a hugely important man in my life. I'm honoured that Jawbone will be headlining the Box Set Film Festival" Johnny Harris

"I've been connected with boxing since the day I was born. That's just the way it is and I'm very proud and thankful of that" Ray Winstone