Thirteen + Panel Discussion - Presented by Dispatch FMI18

Thirteen + Panel Discussion - Presented by Dispatch FMI

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  • Thu 1 Aug
  • 95 minutes
  • Director: Catherine Hardwicke
  • Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter, Nikki Reed
  • (2003)


"Mum, please don't do this. This is the best day of my life; I'll kill you if you embarrass me!" - Tracy

Thirteen is an electric, unsettling glimpse into the transition from childhood to adolescence. Tracy (Evan Rachel-Wood) meets Evie (Nikki Reed) at cosmically the wrong time in her life. Tracy's frustration with her Mother's (Melanie; excellently played by Holly Hunter) lack of money and choice of boyfriend converges with Tracy's exposure to drugs, theft and sexual awakening by Evie; the manipulative popular girl she so desperately wants to impress.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-written with Nikki Reed when Reed was fourteen years old; Thirteen recounts some of Reed's own experiences making it a raw depiction of teenage emotion and a painful depiction of a mother losing her daughter's adoration.

This screening will be followed by a discussion on Constructing Teen Identity On-Screen with participants including filmmaker Thea Gajic and Maria Cabrera. The discussion will be chaired by Simran Hans.

About Constructing Teen Identity On-Screen: How to we construct female-identifying teen characters on screen? Mainstream cinema is notorious for shallow and one dimensional presentations of female identity. In this programme we will explore the complex character presentations of young women on screen.

DISPATCH FMI is an intersectional feminist moving image curatorial practice and online platform with a focus on works created by women. Our aim is to bring feminist cinema and theory to all by making our screenings accessible, affordable, and educational.

Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.