Bino and Fino - Black Lens Film Festival

Bino and Fino - Black Lens Film Festival

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Join us for the Family Day of the Black Lens Film Festival where we'll screen 4 episodes of Bino and Fino.

Follow the adventures of Bino and Fino from Nigeria in this quartet of animation gems part of the Black Cultural Archive Film Festival (BCA) this July. Follow the adventure as each day brings something new for Bino & Fino to learn.

Bino and Fino is a cartoon series about a brother and sister named Bino and Fino who live with their grandparents 'Mama' and 'Papa' in a modern day city in Africa. Bino and Fino have many adventures where, with the help of their friend Zeena the Magic Butterfly, they discover and learn things about the world. Bino and Fino was created to provide more ethnically diverse children's entertainment. Especially for viewers from a Black African heritage globally, whether residing on the African continent or in Diaspora. Importantly, it is an inclusive series for all children of toddler and preschool age from around the world.

On to Space - What are planets of the Solar System? Bino and Fino get to find out with the help of Zeena the Magical Butterfly! .

Durba - Bino and Fino befriend a horse named Banta who tells them all about his dream to be in the famous Kano Durba.  With Zeena's help can they help him out?

Where Did My Puddle Go? - Bino and Fino learn about the water cylce

Whats The Biggest Animal - Bino and Fino go on an adventure to find out what the biggest animal  is.

Black Lens Film Festival 2021 (BLFF2021) s a Black Cultural Archives film festival that celebrates new Black filmmaking talent with screenings and events. BLFF2021 opens on 16th July and is programmed in partnership with arts and culture agency