Velvet Goldmine: A 35mm Presentation - musiCULTS18

Velvet Goldmine: A 35mm Presentation - musiCULTS

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  • Tue 28 Jan
    18:20 This screening is in 35mm

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  • Tue 28 Jan
  • 124 minutes
  • Director: Todd Haynes
  • Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ewan McGregor, Toni Collette, Christian Bale, Eddie Izzard, Michael Feast, Jonathan Rhys Myers
  • UK (1998)


Forget everything you've known about musicals... Genesis presents musiCULTS, a season of dirty, daring and in your face flicks that will make you reconsider the genre as a whole.

We continue with a 35mm presentation of  Todd Hayne's VELVET GOLDMINE!

Glam rock star Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Myers) plays a character on stage named Maxwell Demon who predicts his death on stage. Shortly after he announces his prediction, he fakes his own death and is exposed as a fraud. A decade later in 1984, a reporter and former fan, Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale), tracks down the former rocker to do an article on his life and downfall. Arthur interviews the man who discovered Slade and a peer (Ewan McGregor) to understand Slade's motivations.