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London Video Club is a celebration of the greatest format of all: VHS. We want to recreate the feeling of seeing a gaudy VHS cover on the shelf of your local video shop. Of horror movie marathons in your friend’s basement. The nostalgia and tactility of the format. Join us and an audience of like-minded video nuts as we screen cult classics, forgotten gems and schlocky blockbusters, direct from videotape.

In Hideo Nakata's 1998 classic J-Horror, reporter Reiko Asakawa (Nanako Matsushima) sets out to investigate the strange deaths of her niece and three of her friends. All clues point to the deaths occurring after viewing a supposedly cursed videotape. Along with her ex-husband, Ryuji (Hiroyuki Sanada), Reiko finds the tape, watches it -- and promptly receives a phone call informing her that she'll die in a week. Determined to get to the bottom of the curse, Reiko and Ryuji discover the video's origin and attempt to solve an old murder that could break the spell.

Now for the first time in history, you can see Ringu on the big screen projected straight from a VCR using a Blockbuster Video ex-rental video tape! Intro from the London Video Club. (Jed Shepherd, Rob Savage, Elaine Wong & Owen Van Spall).