Nocturnal - Introduced by Zak Harney's short film 'Mam'15

Nocturnal - Introduced by Zak Harney's short film 'Mam'

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  • Wed 30 Sep
  • 85 minutes
  • Director: Nathalie Biancheri
  • Cast: Sadie Frost, Cosmo Jarvis, Laurie Kynaston
  • UK (2019)


Set in a Yorkshire coastal town, Nocturnal tells the story of Laurie, a cynical schoolgirl, who builds a secret friendship with Pete, an older man who's apparently obsessed with her. Rife with simmering emotional tension, Nathalie Biancheri’s elegantly controlled character study boasts remarkable natural central performances from Jarvis and Coe, whose intense connection may conceal something more ominous.

Nocturnal will be introduced by Zak Harney's short film 'Mam'.

Starring Rosie Fox and Mike Dodsworth, Mam is an adaptation of the play 'How Did We Get To This Point?'. Set in the Northern social club and gives a window into the life of one particular barmaid, Ellie.

About Zak: Raised on a diet of comic-books and niche cult films, in hindsight the route to filmmaking was an obvious one. Now he's here, he's got a wealth of experience in all varieties of film and television; including feature film, short film, commercials, music video and documentary. With narrative always at the forefront of his mind, with all projects he always intend to find the most compelling story to tell and tell it in the most effective way.