Cine Mar Autumn Surf Movie Night

Cine Mar Autumn Surf Movie Night

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Hosted by Cine Mar, the autumn tour program - consisting of various short films and one main film - offers surfers, sea addicts, travel addicts and all those who want to become one a multifaceted and exciting selection of films.

Less is More (FR 2020 // 52min // English // by Mathias Joubert)

The documentary is about a family that turns its back on "normal" life and embarks on a new atypical, fascinating and inspiring lifestyle. In this 52-minute

documentary, the viewer* accompanies them on an adventure to Indonesia, where not everything goes as planned at the beginning.

Discover to Uncover (AUS 2019 // 22min// English // by Friederike Böckermann)

Friederike presents surfing not only as an action sport, but much more than a spiritual passion, emotion and feeling, which motivates the audience and especially

other women to listen to themselves and to go their own way of life.

Surf Girls Jamaica (JAM 2019// 16min // English by Joya Berrow, Lucy Jane)

Jamaica does not only mean sunshine and reggae music, because there is also a dark side. As in many other countries, the role of women here is different and many

have to stand up against harassment and oppression in everyday life. Imani Wilmot knows the problem far too well and has decided to fight back and give other

women courage and strength. Imani has founded a surf club for women and gives many of them a new passion and a kind of therapy possibility. The documentary

"Surf Girls Jamaica" shows what power lies in surfing, but unfortunately also what a long way we still have to go when it comes to equal rights in some countries.

Clash of Climates (NOR 2019 // 13 min // English // by El Flamingo, Johannes Müller & Philipp Becker)

"Never in my life I would have thought that I would be surfing on the beach with snow". No palm trees. No coconuts. No board shorts. It is a clash of climates. The

film accompanies the Balinese surfer Marlon Gerber and the Scandinavian surfer Tim Latte on their journey through the beautiful Lofoten in search of surfable waves

and cold water.

Home Stories Award winner 2020 (DE 2020 // 4min // English // by Rachel Presti)

For the third time we present the Home Stories Award - the first comprehensive surf film competition in the DACH region. Together with the Surfersmag we present

the best surf - short film from the German speaking countries.