Chronicles Of Space - UK Asian Film Festival

Chronicles Of Space - UK Asian Film Festival

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  • Fri 28 May
  • 85 minutes
  • Director: Akshay Indikar
  • Cast: Neel Deshmukh, Anushree Wani, Rekha Thakur
  • India


Dighu, an eight-year-old boy migrates to the coastal area of Konkan with his mother and elder sister amidst the torrential rain and roaring sea. In a vain attempt of forgetting the shadows of past experiences, coping up with the lingering absence of his father and accepting it haplessly, the multiple hues of Dighu’s delicate childhood unfold in front of us.  Echoes of this inner struggle reflect in his tiny diary, where he writes: "In the wee hours of yesterday's night when only silence reigns supreme, mother was crying." To all the suffocating chaos that is engulfing him, he responds to it with muted silence. He is trying to comprehend the incomprehensible nature of these occurrences.     ‘Sthalpuran’ is a portrait of child-like innocence, the process of growing up every day, comprehending the inevitable cycle of life and death, subsuming the many known and few unknown wonders of nature from Dighu’s vantage point.

If you cannot make it to the physical screening at Genesis Cinema on 28th May, there is also an online screening available on 26th May. The online screening is geo-blocked to the UK. If you purchase an online screening ticket, a viewing link will be sent on the day of the screening at 6pm and you will have 48 hours to watch the film from then. To book the online screening, please click the link below: