Rebel Dykes + The Sappho Project: Fragment 147 (short)15

Rebel Dykes + The Sappho Project: Fragment 147 (short)

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  • Thu 9 Dec
  • 82 minutes
  • Director: Harri Shanahan, Sian Williams
  • UK (2021)


Rebel Dykes is the kick-ass lesbian documentary of the year. Taking the punk aesthetic to the max, Rebel Dykes cuts and pastes archive footage, animation, and interviews to successfully recreate the look and feel of London in the '80s. The film centres a group of sex-positive, lesbian, anarchist squatters living at the edges of the '80s' feminist movement: Greenham Common, BDSM club nights, anti-Thatcher demos, and direct action on Clause 28. Rebel Dykes provides a glimpse of a London where it was possible to truly live outside the system.

Rebel Dykes will be introduced by EFN Festival's Audience Award winning short animated film The Sappho Project: Fragment 147 by Sari Katharyn.