Get the Hell Out - Chinese Visual Festival

Get the Hell Out - Chinese Visual Festival

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  • Thu 22 Jul
  • 96 minutes
  • Director: WANG I-Fan
  • Cast: Bruce Ho, Megan Lai
  • Taiwan (R.O.C) (2020)


A highly-infectious zombie virus spreads through the Taiwanese parliament, leaving a young security guard with a bleeding nose and a local representative to try and survive the carnage and the schemes of the surviving politicians. Although Taiwan is not necessarily well-known for full-blooded genre cinema, director WANG I-Fan’s debut feature is a massively entertaining, hyperactive affair that leaps between gory horror, romantic comedy, action and sharp political satire without pausing for breath. A thrill ride from start to finish, Get the Hell Out puts Taiwan firmly on the horror map, and marks WANG as a highly creative and original new voice.

Supported by the Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. and the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Vision Taiwan is part of the 2021 Chinese Visual Festival, which runs 15-25 July in London: