EFN Short Film Festival - Disability on Screen + Q&A

EFN Short Film Festival - Disability on Screen + Q&A

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


A curated programme of films featuring disability on screen, or created by disabled filmmakers, followed by a discussion about representation of disability in cinema and the current landscape of opportunities for disabled filmmakers.

Amongst others, the panel includes activist Kyla Harris, BFI's Press Reset Ella Glendining and Celestine Fraser.

All films will be subtitled (for those who are D/deaf or hard of hearing). The event will be recorded and made available online after the festival.


1. 'It's Personal' - Kyla Harris & Lou Macnamara (2021)

Kyla requires 24 hour care with everything from making artwork to having a wee; struggling with a care shortage during the pandemic, she asks filmmaker friend Lou to swap cameras for catheters and learn how to assist her in a reality tv challenge. The pair give a refreshingly personal perspective of the global care crisis, the necessity of friendship and what it means to truly care for each other.


2. 'Strange Signs' - Kateryna Pavlyuk (2021)

Strange Signs sees three Deaf women with migrant backgrounds relate, in their own words and signs, their stories of identity, access and ability in the UK. Weaving their uniquely rich, intersectional experiences, the film presents three diverse and distinct accounts of what it means to be a Deaf migrant woman in hearing, British society.


3. 'Like Sunday' - Ella Glendining  (2018)

From a doleful seaside town in which they’ve lived their whole lives, two best friends head ‘up the city’ on a night out. One with a rare disability and the other wildly camp, the two are outsiders brought together by their otherness. An angry train conductor, a belligerent bouncer and an unwelcome flight of stairs, their night is full of frivolity and peculiar encounters


4. 'My Complex Relationship with my Disability' - Espen Johnson (2018)

An introspective comedic look at the many ways having a disability is like being in a relationship, and exploring how that relationship has changed over the years.

EFN is a BIFA, (British Independent Film Awards), qualifying Short Film Festival that showcases early work from emerging directors to an audience of fellow filmmakers, industry professionals. It consists of a live competitive event, side screenings, special events and affordable workshops.

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