Sami, Joe and I - Raindance Film Festival 202118

Sami, Joe and I - Raindance Film Festival 2021

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  • Sat 30 Oct
  • 94 minutes
  • Director: Karin Heberlein
  • Cast: Anja Gada, Rabea Luethi, Jana Sekulovska, Astrit Alihajdaraj, Karim Daoud
  • Switzerland (2020)


Raindance Film Festival presents Karin Heberlein's Sami, Joe and I.

Samira, Joselyn and Leyla are ready to grab their slice of life after finishing school. But the summer that awaits has little in common with their dreams of infinite freedom. As they struggle to keep going, their friendship becomes their only safeguard. A tale about solidarity against all odds.