Helmut Lachenmann - My Way - Raindance Film Festival 202118

Helmut Lachenmann - My Way - Raindance Film Festival 2021

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  • Fri 5 Nov
  • 90 minutes
  • Director: Wiebke Pöpel
  • Cast: Helmut Lachenmann, Sir Simon Rattle, Berlin Philharmonics, Brad Lubman, Ensemble Modern Orchestra
  • Germany (2020)


Raindance Film Festival presents Wiebke Pöpel's Helmut Lachenmann - My Way followed by a Q&A.

For fifty years, German composer Helmut Lachenmann has shaped contemporary music with his "noise music" - in which violinists use all parts of their instruments, trumpeters crackle with baking paper, and water-filled horns are played. The film approaches this music and its captivating protagonist in a personal, engaging and humorous way.