Genderation - Fringe! Festival

Genderation - Fringe! Festival

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  • Thu 11 Nov
  • 90 minutes
  • Director: Monika Treut
  • Germany (2021)


Now older, wiser, and more furious, we revisit the academic trans players from Monika Treut’s 1999 doc in this moving account of queerness in later life. Paying tribute to a renegade generation who defined the conditions for gender today with Monika Treut’s enduring curiosity.

Twenty years after Gendernaughts first documented the trans movement in 1999, Treut seeks out the pioneers of that time. What has changed? How have the lives of the protagonists evolved? Darling sexologist Annie Sprinkle described San Francisco as the “clitoris of the USA”, but today the tech industry has a firm grip on the city. Aggressive gentrification has displaced the genderqueer community of yesteryear, and the later lives of the featured pioneers shine a light on the way trans liberation has entered at least the queer mainstream, at a moment when the fight continues.

Tracing the early conversations from 20 years ago, as well as new queer ideas about later life, this film is a guide for the rest of our lives.