Kendal Mountain Tour 202212A

Kendal Mountain Tour 2022

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Unleash your adventurous side…<p>

Join us for an evening of films celebrating adventure from some of the most spectacular places

on earth, brought to you by the team behind Kendal Mountain Festival.<p>

You will be guided through a curation of stories from across the globe, told by a unique

collection of travellers, athletes, activists and creatives. Through culturally rich, cinematically

beautiful and thought provoking films we’ll ask; what is possible in a changing world, what is

beautiful, what is wild and what defines adventure?<p>

The evening and films will be introduced on-screen by the Kendal Mountain Presenting Team, as

well as some of the filmmakers themselves.<p>

Kendal Mountain Festival is the ultimate social gathering for outdoor enthusiasts – with a

world-class programme of films and talks from international adventurers taking place on the

edge of the Lake District each year.<p>

Visit for more information.<p>

The Tour Films will be announced early January 2022.