• 240mins

Genesis has partnered with Japan Nakama to bring an evening of lo-fi to Bar Paragon.

This is a free event but please book a space here


Spinning beats for the evening we have French-Japanese and Paris-based Mayaewk of Komodo records, who’s been releasing beat tapes and lo-fi beats since 2017.

Laurent Maya Garcia, a Japanese born in Pairs, France, began learning the guitar at the age of ten and started making home recordings on a four track cassette recorder a few years later. He bought his first sampler in 2001 (a Yamaha A 3000) and has never stopped making beats or producing music since, everything from hiphop to shoegaze to drone guitar.

He was previously part of a few bands, the most renowned of which was the French live hiphop band Ayenalem (2010-2016) and has opened for famous French acts such as Alpha Blondy, General Electrics, and Youssoupha.

Gadget of Millennium Jazz Music

Born and raised just down the road in Hackney N1, Gadget started out as a young Jungle DnB DJ/MC in the rave and pirate radio scene. He later became a producer, rapper and vocalist while slowly moving into Hip Hop and experimenting with various styles of music and crate digging. He found a real love for the Jazz fusion with Hip Hop, largely influenced by growing up listening to the likes of Guru/Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest and others.

While putting out releases of his own and collaborating with others in the community, Gadget formed a platform called Millennium Jazz Music. "MJM" was originally just a few UK based artists who would all represent the name like a banner, but it soon grew into what is now known as a respected and prolific label with several artists, groups and collectives from all over the world.

Gadget is currently working on solo material for his own platform, as well as popping up with singles and compilation features on various other labels. He has also started work as a music reviewer, supporting artists with feedback and also promoting them in his own mix shows via livestreams and on Mixcloud.

DJ Natsu

London-based DJ Natsu fell in love with City Pop after a trip around Japan in 2014 and has been digging for treasure since. With hordes of incredible musicians and pioneering production that still sounds fresh today, City Pop holds a mirror to 70s and 80s Japan and reflects post-war optimism, the final years of Showa and the progression, glamour and opulence of the soon-to-burst bubble era.

City Pop makes us yearn to return somewhere we've never even known. In a 21st century determined to lob us endless challenges, it lets us cocoon ourselves in the comfort of nostalgia and escape to a safer, simpler and more sincere place. The only essentials to pack? Your dancing shoes, of course.

James GM

James GM an audio-visual artist based in southeast London. His focus is on enhancing sonic experiences with new visual concepts and techniques. He draws lines between music-driven emotion and visual spectacle for live shows, installations and promotional material.

A unique but versatile sound, Lofi brings people together.

Lofi Music

There is no doubting the online appeal of Lofi beats, with total combined views of the genre song streaming on Youtube and Spotify reaching over 100 million views.

Inspired by the lo-fi sounds of Chillhop pioneer Nujabes and hip-hop mastermind J Dilla. Nujabes' music for the 2004 animated series Samurai Champloo established an unbreakable link between lo-fi and anime.

During the pandemic, many people were introduced to Lofi through study playlists such as Lofi Girl. Lofi was music to think to, giving you mental space to do what you needed to do while the calming rhythm of the drums let you relax.

"In absence of the vocal, there's your thoughts"

Fat Jon the Ample Sound Physician

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Event Key:

  • SO Sold Out
  • PB Parent & Baby
  • SUB Subtitled Screening
  • QA Q+A
  • RS Relaxed Screening
  • In 35mm 35mm screening
  • S4/5 Studio 4/5

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