Relaxed Screenings

We believe cinema is for everyone and our relaxed screenings are designed to be more welcoming and accessible to people in the neurodiverse communities and people with dementia. These are the adjustments that we have made for those screenings.

  • Customers are free to sit where they like
  • No trailers or ads are screened before the film
  • Lights remain on at all times at a low level
  • The volume is lower than normal
  • The screening room operates at maximum 50% capacity
  • There is a quiet space customers can use if they wish to leave the room
  • The ticket price is reduced to £3.50 with free access for carers (we accept CEA Cards)

If you have any questions relating to our relaxed screenings, or would like to come with a class or a group on one of our scheduled screenings, please email

The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time


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