The Unknown With Live Score By GrokPG

The Unknown With Live Score By Grok

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Sun 18 Feb
  • 60 minutes
  • Director: Tod Browning
  • Cast: Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford, Norman Kerry, Nick De Ruiz
  • USA (1927)


We are welcoming our residend band Grok back to Bar Paragon, to our new monthly night where they will be performing a live score to classic favourites. Get your FREE tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Grok are an improvisational group based in East London. Their sound incorporates post-rock guitars, melodic bass, responsive rhythms and atmospheric electronics. They create immersive soundscapes, exploring the possibilities that arise in the present moment which makes all their performances unique and never to be repeated.

In February Grok will perform a live score to Tod Browning's The Unknown.

''On the run from the law, Alonzo hides in the circus as The Armless Wonder -- a performer who uses his feet to hurl knives. Alonzo actually has the use of his arms but keeps them concealed so that his true identity remains under wraps. Meanwhile, Alonzo falls in love with another performer, Nanon, who has a phobia against being touched by a man. But when the circus owner discovers Alonzo's true identity, the performer makes a tragic decision.''