A Winter to Remember - Fringe! Film Fest

A Winter to Remember - Fringe! Film Fest

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Wed 14 Nov
  • 64 minutes
  • Director: Cecilia Venezuela Gioia
  • Argentina (2017)


Fringe! Film Fest presents Cecilia Venezuela Gioia's A Winter to Remember

Bring those wintry lezzy feels over to our warming Fringe! bosom for this heart-wrenching rom-com. Cecilia Venezuela Gioia’s touching romance tells the story of Lucia, who is withdrawn from friends and family, and anxious to the point of panic attacks as her feelings of otherness develop. Olivia is a carefree spirit, who pushes Lucia to experience the life she really wants. Set in urban Argentina, this is the ultimate lesbian romance: relive those moments in life where we encourage each other to live more fully and freely.

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