A View For Another - Gallery Exhibition

A View For Another - Gallery Exhibition

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


The Genesis Cinema is pleased to present Myriam Achour's first solo exhibition. ‘A View For Another’ reflects her artistic journey since she first stepped out of the Eurostar at St Pancras at 2014.

London has given her a new creative energy and the desire to express her visions and her emotions. Drawing and painting feels the most natural way for her to do this. It always has.

She plays with contrasts, attracted by both geometrical and sharp lines of the urban landscape and soft-toned organic shapes and textures. She works the light to bring out vibrant colours from the darkness. Her subjects and inspiration are what surrounds her: city, nature, space and people. Her approach, like most artists, is certainly driven by how she sees the world, how she feels people and things. Every person, every living being, every thing is multiple and in constant change. They exist through our perceptions. We are what we build: cities, technology... but we are also what we come from: the earth and the universe. And we are fragments of that ensemble. The challenge is to find balance and harmony despite the contradictions.