London Independent Film Festival - Short Film Programme

London Independent Film Festival - Short Film Programme

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The Film Festival Doctor & the London Independent Film Festival are proud to present four short films....


Director Kate Cheeseman, 30 Minutes, Drama, U.K., 2016

Starring – Sally George

'Genius is a terrible thing'. A short film about the life of Caitlin Thomas, the wife of the famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.



Director Alex Hardy, 20 Minutes, Drama, U.K., 2016

Starring – Shauna MacDonald

Jodie Baxter is a Captain returned home from Afghanistan after being injured in a rigged booby trap that has left her scarred both physically and on a deep psychological level. She struggles to reconnect with her husband on a sexual and emotional accord and begins to realise the distance between herself and her child as her daughter hides pivotal moments of puberty that a mother should be there to support.

In the middle of moving out of their Service Family Accommodation, Jodie escapes to her one place of solace, a hotel where she resides to be free and remember the past. It is there she notices and becomes obsessed with a couple, an abusive older man and a young prostitute who he humiliates and debases. Following them back to their room, Jodie enters into the situation and it is through an extreme act of violence, lust and in her eyes 'protection' she has a revelation concerning what she has experienced and what has been haunting her deep within her cognisance.



Director Bernard Kordieh, 15 Minutes, Drama, U.K., 2016

Starring - Antony Acheampong, Aaron Fontaine & Fran Targ

Noah journeys through a world outside time and space to relive moments with his soul mate. Unable to exist in the present, he is intervened by a friend with a special message.



Director Jay Joseph Jones, 20 Minutes, Drama, U.K., 2016

Starring – Penelope Wildgoose

Produced & Directed by Jay Joseph Jones, WHERE DID YOU GO? is currently the first and only narrative short fiction film about a woman struggling with Lewy Body Dementia.